Thursday, July 29, 2021

Luke Bryan’s on the cover of PEOPLE & Miranda Lambert's Nashville bar's 'must try'

Miranda Lambert says there’s no comparing her Nashville bar to Luke Bryan or Jason Aldean’s cause she’s the only one with pink umbrellas. She says she made hers extra girly. There are two things she says we have to try; the Queso Dip and the Locomotive margarita with lime juice and muddled jalapeno and pineapple.

When asked if she’d ever participate in the New York City marathon, Carly Pearce said, “yes, but I bet I wouldn’t qualify.” As for playing big venues again Carly’s never tailgated before a show but said she might this year because she’s so excited to be back.

Luke Combs late grandfather told him playing music was what he was meant to do. He said, “if you stick with this thing Luke, you’re gonna be really great.”

Finally - Luke Bryan’s on the cover of PEOPLE magazine. He talks about how tragedies in his life have never defeated him and says, “if I can inspire people to move on from tragedy by my behavior, that's what life's all about."