Monday, July 26, 2021

Keith Urban makes a surprise appearance & Morgan Wallen's $500k donation

Keith Urban made a surprise appearance at the Tokyo Olympics Friday singing John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ with several other stars during the opening ceremony. Keith also filled the internet with rumors he and Nicole want to grow their family. OK magazine’s source said they’d likely use a surrogate and do that as soon as possible.

Morgan Wallen was caught on video months ago using a racial slur and now says he donated $500,000 to the Black Music Action Coalition and other organizations. Morgan also checked into a San Diego rehab for 30 days to fix his alcohol problem. He just sold the home where the incident took place and got $835,000 for the duplex that included a rooftop patio.

Finally - in 1991 at the Illinois State Fair, Garth headlined and Trisha was new so she was his opener. After her show, she signed autographs and my radio friend was 2nd in line. Trisha walked out to the autograph table alone when the guy who was first in line leaned over the table, grabbed Trisha by the lapels and kissed her on the lips for five seconds. He then let go and took off running. Trisha looked at my friend and said "don’t get any funny ideas!”