Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Dierks Bentley gets incredible gift & Miranda Lambert rocks her daisy dukes

Miranda Lambert rocked some daisy duke shorts shopping for cowboy hats yesterday in Nashville. She was at Standard Hat Works and took home eight hats! She wrote, “thank you for making my cowgirl dreams come true today!”

Tyler from Florida Georgia Line, his wife and kids flew out for a vacation yesterday. On the plane their son Atlas could not stop crying and Tyler whispered, “we’re those people.’ They ended up having a long layover and decided to have a picnic on the ground of the terminal.

Dierks Bentley was just gifted an incredible bicycle from his famous bike endurance trainer friend Robbie Ventura. Dierks said that bike’s worth more than his truck and they go for about $6,400!

Finally - Carly Pearce still has not confirmed her supposed boyfriend, Nashville real estate agent Riley King. Yesterday he posted a photo of them on Instagram, arm in arm. She hasn’t looked that happy in a long time!