Friday, July 30, 2021

Blake Shelton has a stern message for Adam Levine & Thomas Rhett's salty with his wife

Blake Shelton has a stern message for Adam Levine or anyone else hurt they weren’t invited to his wedding. He said, ‘get over it! This wedding was for close friends and family, not Hollywood celebrities." As for a honeymoon, he said they’ll probably go on one, just not now.

Thomas Rhett and his very pregnant wife Lauren are vacationing out west. Yesterday he wrote, “I love being with you honey but I’m still salty you caught the biggest rainbow trout I’ve ever seen.”

Miranda Lambert said goodbye yesterday to her dog Jessi. She had her 13 1/2 years and found her and her brother Waylon on the side of the road in Oklahoma in the middle of a sleet storm. They were 6 weeks old. Waylon died last October.

Finally – ‘Jolene,’ ‘9 to 5,’ and ‘Islands in the Stream’ are part of 13 tunes getting a lullaby makeover today. ‘Lullaby Renditions of Dolly Parton’ has soothing arrangements that babies love.