Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Luke Bryan and his wife are up to their old tricks & Keith Urban rescheduled his Vegas residency

Luke Bryan and Thomas Rhett’s families are vacationing together at the beach. Yesterday Luke helped Thomas’s 5-year-old Willa catch her first snapper. Luke and his wife have also been up to their old tricks and are tormenting his mom by goosing her. Once at the beach and when she was putting something in the fridge. His mom said, “my attorney will be contacting you.”

Keith Urban’s rescheduled Vegas residency at The Colosseum at Caesars will be Sept. 17 thru the 25. It’s five shows and tickets go on sale June 7 and they’ll go fast because the venue only holds 4,300.

Tim McGraw’s favorite health drink is the green smoothie he makes with kale, avocado and banana.

Finally - Michael Ray’s tattoos all have a personal connection. His grandma Penny died a few years ago and he just got a tattoo of a penny with 1942, her birth year on his arm. Michael says it’s now his favorite one.