Thursday, May 6, 2021

Tim McGraw’s best romantic surprise & Brett Young’s worst kitchen fail

Thomas Rhett says he’s becoming a "stereotypical dad." His bus is filled with nothing but kid toys, he takes a big camera everywhere he goes and his shorts are getting shorter. Thomas says his daughters are starting to show an interest in music and they often pick what songs should be on his records.

Brett Young’s go-to bus snack are hot dogs. If he only had $7 for the grocery store what would he get? He said all the Cup-O-Noodles he could. Brett also reveals his worst kitchen fail was leaving the house while he had chicken boiling on the stove.

Tim McGraw’s best romantic surprise for Faith was their tenth anniversary. He set up an Arabian tent at their farm. It included a movie theater, fire pit and dinner. Tim even made an outdoor bedroom so they could sleep under the stars.

Finally - Darius Rucker lives in Charleston, South Carolina and he says his favorite places to eat include FIG, The Obstinate Daughter on Sullivan’s Island and for good cheap food it’s TBonz.