Monday, May 31, 2021

Luke Bryan had his first road show since covid & Florida Georgia Line will be grilling today

Luke Bryan and Jordan Davis perform on the Today Show tomorrow. This weekend Luke was on the road this weekend in Michigan; his first show since Covid. His wife and boys found an arcade right after getting there and won two stuffed animals; a mouse and a unicorn they named Dingleberry.

With our holiday today, Florida Georgia Line will be showing their grilling skills. Tyler likes to make a pizza on his ‘Big Green Egg’ and Brian says he’s master of corn on the grill. He says they’ve even grilled pie before.

Keith Urban’s nickname for his wife, Nicole Kidman is Hokulani; Hawaiian for ‘Heavenly Star.’ Nic was born on Oahu and she got that name from her parents.

Finally - Eric Church’s musical influences include Merle Haggard, Hank Williams Jr, AC/DC and Metallica. When it came time for him to make his own music, Eric just combined things in his own way.