Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Lady A’s on the Ellen show & Garth's hired by National Geographic

Garth will narrate and executive produce a series for the National Geographic Network in 2022. It’ll showcase America’s national parks and give viewers an up-close feel for the parks and the wildlife that live there. It’ll also use cutting-edge technology and high-resolution drones.

Michael Ray says his struggles with anxiety have been there since he was a child. Even causing ulcers several times. His grandfather helped him by introducing Michael to music and having him sing in his band when he was only nine. When his grandpa died, Michael inherited his guitar and made his Opry debut with it.

Trisha Yearwood’s advice for aging is ‘don’t be so hard on yourself!” She learned that a long time ago and says, “I base how I feel on what I think about myself; not how someone else feels about me."

Finally - Lady A’s on the Ellen show today. Tonight Darius Rucker’s on The Masked Singer and Blake Shelton’s on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.