Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Luke Bryan hooked his thumb fishing & Chris Janson has a free concert tonight

Luke Bryan hooked his thumb fishing yesterday and showed a video of it. Instagram felt it was so gruesome they added the disclaimer, ‘this video may contain graphic or violent content.’ Later Luke gave an update on the drive to get medical help. As a nurse remove the hook, Luke mostly laughed then went right back to fishing. This time he hooked himself but he’s hooked others dozens of times.

When he can’t sleep, Brett Young goes down his list of remedies. If watching TV doesn’t work, he’ll listen to vintage music. If that fails Brett has a late-night snack and his last resort is a shot of Jack Daniel’s. He says that almost always works.

Dolly Parton’s the focus of a new Female Force TidalWave Comic book today. It honors strong, independent women. A few years ago they profiled Dolly’s friend Cher and the other day I noticed Blake Shelton follows Cher on Instagram.

Finally - Chris Janson has a free concert tonight on Country Now’s Twitch channel at 8 CT. He will also have his full-band.