Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Tyler Hubbard and Tim McGraw have a new song & Walmart leaks Morgan Wallen’s album

We now know what Tyler Hubbard and Tim McGraw have been up to. Their new song ‘Undivided’ is here January 13. It’ll be on the deluxe version of Tim’s album, ‘Here On Earth’ out sometime this spring. Tyler co-wrote the tune when he quarantined on his bus in Nov. after testing positive for COVID. He said Tim was the first guy he wanted to hear it.

In light of Walmart leaking Morgan Wallen’s album Monday, Morgan said he’d start leaking some of the songs himself. So yesterday he released three on TikTok. When the record’s in stores Friday, Target’s the only one that’ll have two extra tunes. Walmart’s since apologized and say only a "handful" of stores were involved and they’re removing all copies till Friday’s release date.

Jason Aldean’s coffee must have at least four packets of sugar free sweetener and he needs plenty of coffee for energy. Jason also reveals his food vice is eating a huge bowl of popcorn every night.

Finally - Carrie Underwood wears workout clothes all the time because she says a workout can happen anywhere.