Monday, January 4, 2021

Jake Owen gets burned & Blake Shelton faces backlash

Jake Owen was roasting marshmallows with his daughter Friday when one caught on fire. He went to blow it out and got a marshmallow burn under his eye. 

Blake Shelton debuted a new song New Year’s Eve, ‘Minimum Wage.’ People called him insensitive and said his timing was ‘tone-deaf’ in light of the pandemic's effect on lost jobs and wages. Someone asked Blake if he’d like to pay their rent.

Dierks Bentley bought a new pair of light weigh running shoes a year ago. He said they started falling apart the first week he got them and they weren’t cheap. He told himself he’d wear them for the year and yesterday tweeted, “Mission complete.”

Luke Bryan, his wife and mom plus Jason Aldean and his wife rang in the New Year in the Dominican Republic. The guys golfed and the ladies spent time on the beach.

Finally – Brad Paisley donated a new guitar to Nashville musician Buck McCoy after his apartment was destroyed on the Christmas Day bombing. Brad also gave him unlimited food from his nonprofit grocery store.