Friday, June 5, 2020

Thomas Rhett just wants to tour & Garth knocks down a tree

During this time of quarantine Thomas Rhett’s been frustrated he can’t tour. His wife reminded him he’s getting to spend triple the amount of time with his family right now. Thomas says he’s never been home this much in 10 years!

Garth says his therapy during this downtime is working on the farm. The other day he knocked down a tree with a bulldozer and says that's what makes him happy.

When Jake Owen moved to Nashville years ago, he opened an account in a bank on Music Row with the hopes of bumping into someone in the industry. After giving his bank teller a CD demo, she called him a few days later to say she’d passed it on to another customer, the head of Warner Chapel Music Publishing but it still took Jake a year to get a record deal.

Finally - Food Network star Guy Fieri will be on Happy Hour With John Rich on Big & Rich’s Facebook page at 7 CT today. Tomorrow Michael Ray and Carly Pearce play the Opry. It’s on their Facebook or YouTube pages at 7 CT.