Monday, May 11, 2020

Trisha Yearwood sponsors a baby elephant & Kane Brown performs on The Voice

Keith Urban reveals life in quarantine means drinking several cups of coffee a day and driving to get out of the house. Driving’s always been a great form of inspiration for him. Keith’s new album, ‘The Speed Of Now Part 1’ will be out September 18.

This weekend, Trisha Yearwood tweeted, “these commercials are getting me...might be the quarantine, but so far I have ordered a razor with a light on it, an air blasting cup and I’ve sponsored a baby elephant.”

Because he’s spent over 30 years in hotels, Tim McGraw says he never learned how to clean up and Faith’s a neat freak so he gets on her nerves about that. Tim’s felt his guitar skills were slipping away before quarantine so that’s what he’s been doing lately. He’s also still working out a lot but is now taking a few days off a week. Tim adds he does have to work out a little harder on the days Faith’s in the kitchen because she’s such an amazing cook. Quarantine has not been a problem for the McGraw’s because they’re both homebodies. 

Little Richard died this weekend. He also had ties to Nashville. In the last decade, he lived in Lynchburg, TN and in the Nashville penthouse of the downtown Hilton Lower Broadway, overlooking his star on the Music City Walk of Fame. Locals frequently saw him at the drive-thru of Wendy’s and other fast food places on West End Avenue. 60 years prior he played nightclubs on Jefferson Street. Fans often saw him in the elevator when he attended music industry events around town the past several years.

Finally - Kane Brown performs on The Voice tonight.