Thursday, April 16, 2020

Lauren Alaina on breaking her toes & Kane Brown gets into poison ivy

Lauren Alaina broke two toes taking the trash out at night in the rain. On her way back in she grabbed a light she’d left on the porch then slipped. In making sure the light didn’t break Lauren broke her toes instead. The middle one was just hanging so she made a splint with some cardboard. Doctors said that toe will take 12 weeks to heal.

Kane Brown was out on his property yesterday. He said a few days ago it’s really wooded and yesterday he ran into some poison ivy.

Luke Combs debuted a new song last night, ‘Six Feet Apart.” He wrote, "it's a mystery I suppose / Just how long this thing goes / there will be light after dark / Someday when we aren't six feet apart."

Jake Owen’s
been doing nightly elementary school trivia with his first grader Pearl on Zoom along with a few of her friends. Jake says his trivia also includes sound effects.

Tyler from Florida Georgia Line’s
in awe over his wife Hayley’s clothes folding skills.

Finally - Thomas Rhett and Little Big Town are on ABC’s Disney Family Singalong tonight.