Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Lauren Alaina just broke two toes & brad paisley may join your next zoom chat

Jake Owen says it’s been great to be at home and have more time with his daughter Paris. He’s also been doing yard work around the farm and Face Timing with his daughter Pearl who’s in Florida.

Lauren Alaina just broke two of her toes while sheltering at home but she’s not telling us how she did it.

Brad Paisley says if you want to invite him to your next ‘Zoom’ party, text him at 615-235-5921. Brad says, “I’m not busy and I obviously now do birthdays.”

Being at home has brought Garth and Trisha even closer. He says, “the more I find out about her, the more I find out about myself.”

Midland will release their next single, "Put The Hurt On Me’ on their YouTube channel today. 

finally - tonight at 7 CT Luke Combs will have a live concert on Facebook and Instagram.