Monday, July 29, 2019

Maren Morris got quite a surprise Saturday & Kane Brown's most painful tattoo

Maren Morris got quite a surprise Saturday when her musical idol Dolly Parton walked on stage at the Newport Folk Festival in Rhode Island. They got to sing together as well and Maren also found out her single ‘Girl,’ has topped the country charts.

Years ago Keith Urban had this great idea to perform a song in total darkness. He put candles on the piano and dramatically blew them out one by one. When he started the song tho, he couldn’t see a thing. Keith said the piano just clunked and it was absolutely terrible. He said his lesson learned was; maybe rehearse it first!

Kane Brown told me his most painful tattoo is the rose on his right wrist because it swelled up really bad. He got it to honor his wife because Rose is her middle name.

Finally - Luke Combs is an only child. His dad was a maintenance man and his mom worked in human resources at a women’s prison. Luke says what he thought was cool is every night they always had dinner together.