Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Jake Owen's wedding surprise & Kane Brown’s music helps coma patient

A couple in Sioux Falls, SD got the surprise of a lifetime when Jake Owen showed up at their wedding reception last weekend. He was in town for a show and one of the groomsmen messaged Jake on Twitter asking him to attend. They got to have a beer with him and talk and everyone said he was really cool.

One of the best stories Kane Brown’s heard about his music is one of his fans was in a coma and someone started playing one of Kane’s tunes on a guitar in her hospital room and she woke up.

Garth says he won’t ever license his music for commercials because he doesn’t want to see ‘We Shall Be Free’ being used for a Depends ad. I also hear at their home, Garth and Trisha have a safe room and it includes two pieces of furniture no one ever sees. Her old brown, puffy recliner she calls a guilty pleasure and Garth’s favorite chair that has a cup holder and a button that makes it lean back.

Finally - Brett Eldredge is working on being kinder to himself when it comes to career expectations. He says, “I’m learning I don’t always have to be the best with everything I do.”