Thursday, June 27, 2019

carly pearce has an amazing mom & miranda lambert gets lullaby-ed

Blake Shelton moved to Tishomingo, OK in 06 and now that town of just over 3,000 has become a destination. Blake once moved away 11 years ago but when he felt like he had his foot in the door in Nashville and got a few songs on the radio, he moved back and has never left.

Luke Combs favorite way to spend a day off at home in Nashville is fishing on the Cumberland River. If he’s indoors tho, Luke’s obsessed with NBA 2K, a basketball video game.

Carly Pearce says her mom quit her cosmetologist job when Carly was only 10 so they could move to Dollywood. Soon after that they moved to Nashville so Carly could follow her dream.

Trisha Yearwood has a TV cooking show, her own furniture line, she’s touring with Garth and she has a new album out soon. She says her trick to keeping sane is realizing ‘you can’t do everything 100% all of the time so give yourself a break.’

Finally - ‘Lullaby Renditions of Miranda Lambert,’ is out today. It’s some of her biggest hits turned into kid’s classics.