Monday, May 20, 2019

thomas rhett takes scary photo & Travis Tritt’s tour bus is in an accident

Thomas Rhett was playing in Washington State this weekend and before the show, he, his wife and crew took a 5-mile hike up Rattlesnake Ledge near Seattle. Lauren tweeted a photo of she and Thomas sitting on a rock at the top and right on the edge of the ledge and wrote, “after practically begging him to sit here with me he did. Sheer drops are not his thing.”  

Travis Tritt’s tour bus was sideswiped trying to avoid an accident near Myrtle Beach, SC early Saturday morning. A drunk driver in a Jeep going the wrong way crashed head-on into a pickup. Two people were killed and one other person suffered minor injuries. No one on the bus was hurt. Travis tweeted, “I beg you, please drive sober and know when to admit you’re too impaired to drive.”  

As a father, Jake Owen catches himself all the time going, ‘I’m a dad, I should not be doing this.’ Jake’s firstborn Pearl is now understanding and watching everything he does and Jake says, “it’s really important to teach her the life dad’s living on the road and being a celebrity is not reality.”  

Finally – Jon Pardi turns 34 today.