Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Thomas Rhett suprises 4 military moms & Tyler Hubbard got OCD from his mom

Four military moms thought they were flying to Florida to meet Thomas Rhett and put together care packages for service members. At their meal with Thomas he played each mom an audio message from their active-duty children and right after that, each child walked into the room and their moms were in tears.  

Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line says he got a healthy dose of stubbornness from his mom and she also gave him some OCD tendencies. Tyler says, “if you saw my closet at home you’d probably laugh! It’s pretty ridiculous how clean and how organized all my things must be at all times."

Kane Brown auditioned for both Idol and X-Factor back in 2013. He never got on Idol and when the X-Factor’s producer wanted to put him in a boy band, Kane quit the show because he wanted a solo career.  

Finally - Luke Bryan’s still on a quest for that illusive 10-pound bass he says will be caught one day. The biggest fish Luke’s ever landed was a 300-pound nurse shark.