Thursday, April 18, 2019

Kristian Bush tours with actress Rita Wilson & Carrie Underwood declined idol's private jet

Even tho we haven’t heard much from them lately, Sugarland are still together and are playing fairs, festivals and casinos this summer. You can find out more at Jennifer Nettles has also been working on a solo project and Kristian Bush will have a June tour with Mrs. Tom Hanks, actress Rita Wilson. Kristian’s also working on a new EP out sometime this summer.

When Carrie Underwood won Idol she was given access to a private jet but declined because she didn't have money to pay the taxes on it.

Last year Brett Eldredge did a Christmas special and had a dressing room next to Tony Bennett. As Brett walked out of his dressing room, Tony was sitting in his, smiling. Brett introduced himself and said Tony was very nice. Brett thought, ‘I hope I can do this when I’m in my nineties like he is.’

Finally - Luke Bryan still gets anxious when he plays new music for fans. He says waiting to hear their feedback is important. Luke also doesn’t want to bore his fans with the same stuff all the time.