Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Tim McGraw’s book is out in November & Garth’s stadium tour kicks off Saturday

Tim McGraw’s book, ‘Grit & Grace: Train the Mind, Train the Body, Own Your Life’ will be in stores November 5. In the last 10 years, not only has his appearance changed, his mind’s clearer, his sense of purpose sharper and his relationships are deeper. Tim says, “physical exercise brings focus to my life and I want this book to help people find what works for them by sharing what’s worked for me.”  

Garth’s stadium tour kicks off Saturday. There’s no openers. No intermission act and he’ll also play all his hits. Garth says, “we’re going to start early and we’re gonna stay late.”   

A few days ago Jake Owen shared he’ll sing at the wedding of Carly Pearce and Michael Ray. Carly said she really didn’t want that to go public yet because she and Michael are both private people.  

Finally – Blake Shelton says his rural ways have rubbed off on Gwen Stefani. She loves to go to Oklahoma and hang out in the country with him and even tho his home’s basically a mansion, Gwen thinks the place is cozy.