Monday, March 25, 2019

garth breaks two records this weekend & luke bryan gives his boots away

This weekend Garth broke the State Farm Stadium attendance record in Glendale, AZ playing to 77,653 fans. Because of that sold out show, Garth set a new entertainment record for a single night performance in the history of the state of Arizona.

When Luke Bryan saw several holes in the bottom of American Idol contestant Colby Swift's cowboy boots, he walked over and gave him the boots off his feet. What Luke didn’t know was those holey boots were Colby’s lucky ones and he ended up getting cut during round two in Hollywood and Luke felt really bad.

Carrie Underwood’s husband got a second horse this weekend, Annie. The black and white paint joins their other new horse, Bojangles.

Finally - Midland’s new album will be out late summer and for the first time Jess and Cameron will also do some lead vocals.