Monday, March 11, 2019

Dan + Shay perform on Late Night with Seth Meyers & Maren Morris is on The Tonight Show

Carrie Underwood turned 36 yesterday and tweeted, “thanks for the birthday wishes. I’m spending my day on the couch, in my comfies, snuggling with my boys!” Carrie’s tour kicks off May 1 with both sons on the road. She only has help with them when she’s on stage and says, “nobody ever got up with my kid in the middle of the night. That was me and I'm proud of that."

Dan + Shay perform on Late Night with Seth Meyers tonight. The guys say what’s hard about the music biz is dealing with the negative. They could see 1,000 posts saying fans love the music but they end up focusing on the one person who said, ‘this is the worst thing I’ve ever heard.’

Before he got a record deal, Jason Aldean delivered soda to stores and he said driving that delivery truck paid the bills and taught him how it would be to lug music equipment for a living.

Luke Combs started out playing at the bar where he worked. He talked his boss into letting him sing and charge $1 a ticket. He made $200 that night and realized he could do that for a living.

Finally - Maren Morris performs on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon tonight.