Thursday, February 21, 2019

Miranda Lambert's husband is reassigned & Luke Bryan’s 18-year-old adopted dog has died

Miranda Lambert's police officer husband normally patrols Times Square on foot but he’s been temporarily reassigned because the media’s been hounding him at work. A major TV news outlet showed up on the front steps of the NYPD's Midtown South Precinct this week asking to speak with him but they were turned away. TMZ says he’ll be on driver duty for a few weeks while things quiet down. I also learned Brendan followed in his mom’s career footsteps as she’s a retired NYPD detective.  

Friends of Miranda say she’s “happier than ever," and she smiles a lot more than she used to. Brendan provides her a state of normalcy that balances her life. TMZ revealed yesterday that Brendan made it clear to friend’s years ago that one of his goals was to meet Miranda one day. He actually met Blake first after a show he was working at. Brendan had a crush on Miranda tho and was just waiting for a chance to meet her.  

Finally – less than 2 weeks after adopting him, Luke Bryan’s 18-year-old dog Poochie has died. His wife Caroline posted, “if the kindest souls were rewarded with the longest lives, dogs would outlive us all. My heart is sad but full.”