Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Miranda Lambert says mind your own business & grath's pre-sale crashes website

Miranda Lambert and her husband were spotted at the airport in New York City this week after being in Nashville. On the plane they were in first class seen having a champagne toast. When they touched down, they wore baseball caps pulled low and walked thru the airport with locked arms. When questioned by reporters, Miranda said, “the world should mind its own business."  

Yesterday Garth’s five album, seven disc set, ‘The Legacy Collection’ went on sale but the demand was so overwhelming it crashed the site before the pre-sale could even begin. Now it can be ordered Thursday night.  

Kane Brown tweeted, “just woke up from a dream. I was on the beach and got sand in my mouth so I spit then woke up and realized I’m in bed and now I have spit on my sweatshirt.”  

Finally - Carrie Underwood hopes her sons don’t take after their dad, and decide to be hunters and she’s hoping the boys take more after her when it comes to animals. Carrie’s taken Isaiah skating several times and he really likes it so she hopes he’ll go that way rather than hunting.