Thursday, February 7, 2019

Keith Urban sings for the NHL & Garth turns 57 today

The NHL took the Stanley Cup to Keith Urban‘s studio last year and now he’ll perform February 23 during the first intermission of a game in Philadelphia between the Penguins and Flyers. Keith and his wife Nicole are huge Nashville Predators fans.  

Garth turns 57 today. Trisha will be making his favorite German chocolate cake. I also hear everyone who tours with Garth gets a special surprise on their birthday, a real pie in the face, even Trisha. One year she got 4 pies in the face on the same day!  

Jason Aldean hopes his son Memphis shows an interest in following in his musical footsteps. Jason’s also looking forward to the day when he picks up an instrument and starts playing. His teenage daughter Keeley’s already turning into a really good lead guitar player. Jason says he’s really impressed with her.  

Finally - Carrie Underwood will help raise funds for the California schools impacted by recent wildfires. She saw a video some students made that are fans of hers so Carrie decided to do something. Her mom was a teacher and both her sisters are teachers too.