Friday, February 1, 2019

Justin Moore gets trampled by a horse & Faith Hill’s The World’s Best airs on CBS sunday

Tabloid Us Weekly says talks are happening now on The Voice to have Miranda Lambert join Blake Shelton next season. A source says, “the show’s constantly looking to spice up its celebrity coaches to keep it fresh. Blake’s cool with the idea and Miranda hasn’t said no.”  

Poor Justin Moore hurt his right foot and leg pretty bad. He was trampled by a horse during an album photo shoot yesterday. He tweets, “hopefully, we got the shot though!”  

Tim McGraw performs at the NFL Tailgate Party Sunday on The Super Bowl Today on CBS.

After the game, the talent show Faith Hill’s a judge on, The World’s Best airs on CBS.

Finally - Scotty McCreery’s a huge New England Patriots fan and he thinks his presence at the Super Bowl is crucial to their victory. They basically win when he's there and lose if he's not. Scotty says, “if they'd like their good luck charm to be there, I took the weekend off and I'm available.”