Monday, February 4, 2019

how luke bryan got off a speeding ticket & Jake Owen played the Phoenix Open

A couple years ago Luke Bryan was in Wyoming when he asked his bus driver to take he and his sons fishing. Their rental car was going over 80 mph when they saw flashing lights in the rear view mirror. The officer walked to the passenger side and asked Luke some questions. He told him he was in town for a show that night then he said three words that got him out of the ticket, "I'm Luke Bryan."  

Luke’s wife Caroline says his mom LeClaire knows she’s funny and she’s just like a character from the Hallmark cards, Maxine; an old lady who smokes and drinks coffee and has no filter. Caroline runs a busy household with 2 children, their teenage nephew, running things while Luke’s gone and keeping up with their charity. Caroline says her secret is “Jesus and wine.”  

This weekend Jake Owen played the Waste Management Phoenix Open in Arizona, He also took a pic with a classic car broker in his showroom but I don’t know if he bought a car there or not.  

Finally – Tyler from Florida Georgia Line says his alarm clock is their daughter Olivia. Tyler also says his favorite breakfast is either a ham omelet or oatmeal with dates and almonds.