Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Luke Bryan loves fast food chicken & lauren alaina is no longer engaged

Luke Bryan was seen in his muck boots in Milan, TN Sunday eating at the fast food place, Lee’s Famous Recipe. I guess he’s crazy about their fried chicken. I also hear they have the best chicken gizzards around. After that Luke was spotted getting gas at Milan Mart.

Speaking of Luke, we just found out one of the gifts he got his kids for Christmas, a machine that makes snow. Yesterday they were playing on a pile of snow they’d made. 

Now we know why Lauren Alaina recently took a break from social media. She and fiancé Alex Hopkins have broken up after 6-years together. Lauren tweeted, “we still love each other but we’ve grown into very different people. We’re each looking forward to starting new chapters of our lives.”  

Jason Aldean’s wife Brittany will have his 4th child, daughter Navy Rome in February. As for more children in the future Jason says, “I have zero plans to do that!"  

Finally - Garth’s album out this spring will be called ‘Fun.’ The title’s because recording it has been such a fun process. You can pre-order the digital version now for $10 on Amazon.