Monday, January 28, 2019

luke bryan has luggage mishap & Dierks Bentley talks about his TV show

Luke Bryan’s been in Mexico at his Crash My Playa event. Yesterday on his way to the airport to fly to Hawaii, the guy driving, Doc McGee, (he used to manage KISS) pulled out of the resort but didn’t latch the hatch and everyone’s luggage went all over the highway. Good thing Luke and everyone else in the car was laughing about it.  

Dierks Bentley was already busy when he signed on to do his Nashville-based TV show. He says, “unless something’s a really big YES, you just say no. I’ve been presented with a lot of reality TV opportunities and commercials but when this came along, I loved it.” One of shows Dierks is executive producing has been picked up by a network but the other has not yet.  

Five years ago, Luke Combs was in college, working two jobs, living in an apartment over a bar and driving an old Dodge Neon. Luke says, “to go from playing a chicken wing restaurant to venues with 20,000 people buying my tickets, is insane.”  

Finally - the rumor that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are about to make an “engagement announcement” is “untrue” so says the reputable website Gossip Cop.