Friday, January 25, 2019

Keith Urban’s year has been made & Jimmie Allen’s created a problem

Keith Urban’s year has been made! A candy bar from his childhood is coming back to Australia; The Polly Waffle. Keith tweeted, “maybe it’s the little things but my all-time fav Aussie chocky is returning and I’m STOKED!!!!” It was discontinued in 09 and devoted fans are the reason for its return. The Pollywaffle’s a crispy wafer tube filled with marshmallow and coated in chocolate.  

To celebrate his first #1, Jimmie Allen went to Disney World. He took his 4-year-old son but found out he’s created a problem. The minute they left his son asked when they could go back.  

Maren Morris is in People magazine out today. She talks about starting a family with her husband Ryan Hurd and says, “we have a plan for when we’ll try for a baby but it’s not anytime soon!”  

Scotty McCreery reveals success for him has been a slow ride. He says, “that sounds weird, coming off a big show like ‘American Idol’ but the music business is crazy and unforgiving. I feel lucky to still be around.”  

Finally - Kelsea Ballerini’s favorite family meal is her dad Eddie’s, spaghetti.