Thursday, January 3, 2019

Brett Eldredge is going back to a flip phone & Lauren Alaina's wedding might not happen anytime soon

A source close to Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani says while they’re still head over heels for each other, “nobody’s in a rush to marry anytime soon.”  

Brett Eldredge reveals 2019 means he’s going back to using a flip phone like he had back in 2002. He says a smart phone’s too distracting and he wants to experiment and see what it’s like to “be here, RIGHT NOW, lost in the music and not in a screen.”  

Carrie Underwood’s due any day now and yesterday tweeted, “casually putting my feet on my husband’s lap hoping he’ll rub them.”  

Lauren Alaina got engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Alex Hopkins last year, but the wedding might not happen anytime soon. Lauren says they’ve yet to set a date because she’s so busy so it’ll probably be a long engagement because she wants to have plenty of time to plan it.  

Finally - Kane Brown’s New Year’s resolution is to make this year bigger then the last two combined.