Thursday, January 17, 2019

Blake Shelton slams national music magazine & Jake Owen gives acting a try

Blake Shelton took to Twitter yesterday to slam a respected music magazine. They said he and George Strait signed with a talent agency in Nashville to which Blake tweeted, “when did fact checking go out of style? One phone call would tell them this isn’t true. Please be careful about what you believe on the Internet everybody.”  

Jake Owen’s in a movie called ‘The Friend’ with Casey Affleck and Dakota Johnson. This will be Jake’s first time acting and it’ll be out sometime next year.  

A Garth fan who was injured at his show at Nashville last year has just been awarded $65,000. She nearly lost an eye and broke her nose when a metal pole used to loosen a net of balloons fell into the audience.  

Finally – Jason Aldean and his wife visited their dream home yesterday. It won’t be done till next year so they’re renting right now. Jason said the new place will be more kid friendly than their other house. As for their daughter Navy, Brittany tweeted, “you can come out anytime now because mommy’s ready!”