Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Thomas Rhett secretly films Mick Jagger & Billy Currington has learned a new trick

What got Garth into music was graduation day from Oklahoma State when he found out he was an hour short of his degree. He had to go back to school for three hours and to pay for it, Garth sang at Willie’s Saloon near campus. It was supposed to be for a night but they loved him so much it turned into five nights a week.  

Thomas Rhett’s first concert was the Rolling Stones. Another time when he saw them Thomas snuck a camera in and secretly filmed Mick Jagger during sound-check.  

Billy Currington not only sells coconuts to tourists on cruise ships, he’s even learned how to climb a coconut tree to get his own. He then hacks the top off with a machete to drink the water. I hear Billy spends a majority of his time in Hawaii these days.  

Finally - Eric Church’s first date with his wife was a Merle Haggard concert at the Ryman. Merle wore sunglasses and when he walked out, he just stood there and the crowd went crazy. It was three minutes before he even sang a word and Eric thought it was one of the coolest things he’d ever seen.