Thursday, November 1, 2018

Pistol Annies perform on The Tonight Show & Thomas Rhett's family will most likely grow soon

Years ago Garth surprised his family one night when he told them their spaghetti dinner would be eaten without silverware so everyone ate like dogs. That was also the first meal he and Trisha ever had at his house together and he knew it was love when she got a noodle stuck on her forehead.  

Thomas Rhett reveals his family will most likely grow soon, possibly from another adoption. His wife Lauren wants five kids before she turns 34 and she’ll be 29 November 8.  

Jason Aldean once tried rattlesnake and said, “if anyone tells you it tastes like chicken, they’re lying. It’s very gamey and I took two chews and gagged.”  

Florida Georgia Line just opened their creative compound in Nashville that includes a meeting space, their publishing company and Brian’s clothing store, Tribe Kelley Trading Post. It’s in Hillsboro Village and it brings together music, fashion, business and coffee, all under one roof.  

Finally - Pistol Annies perform on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon tonight.