Friday, November 23, 2018

Carrie Underwood reveals her due date & Scotty McCreery loves his Roomba

Only 3-years-ago Kane Brown was working at FedEx and thinking about joining the Army when he started putting cover tunes on Facebook. By the time he signed his deal with RCA in 2016, he had over 3 million followers.  

Thomas Rhett says the best thing about his house is the gigantic shower he says you can fit 25 people in it. Thomas says he often takes hour-long showers.  

Luke Bryan says he rarely gets panic attacks anymore but they used to be so bad he couldn’t breathe and it felt like his cheeks were locking up and his face would go numb. Now if he feels one coming on before he goes on stage he just takes a shot of whiskey.  

Scotty McCreery says the best wedding gift he and his wife got by far was their Roomba, robot vacuum.  

Finally – Carrie Underwood reveals her new baby boy will not be here in time for Christmas. Her due date is sometime in January.