Thursday, October 4, 2018

FGL's Tyler just made a deal with his wife & garth encourages body painting

Garth Brooks wants his October 20 show at Notre Dame to be like a game day. He says, "I’d like to see five guys in full gold or yellow body paint with a G-A-R-T-H on them." Garth says he’ll also be doing a special sound check for students and faculty and the stage set-up will make 14 front rows.  

Tyler from Florida Georgia Line just made a deal with his wife; no phones at dinner time. They’re not allowed at the table now so their time eating together will have no distractions.  

A few months ago Kane Brown and his singer girlfriend Katelyn Jae got engaged. With a busy career, he’s thankful he found her and says, “she keeps me sane and happy.” We still don’t know when they’ll get married but Kane says he’ll take 3-months off to enjoy being a husband. His first heading tour kicks off January 10 so they could be getting married any day now.  

Finally - Brett Eldredge loves to hike and be outdoors, especially on tour. His favorite places include Lake Tahoe, British Columbia and Montana but Brett says nothing will ever beat Switzerland’s mountains. He says, “I grew up in Illinois where it’s flat and all you see is corn.”