Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Blake Shelton will hit the road next year & Halloween is not Luke Combs favorite holiday

Blake Shelton will hit the road next year on his Friends & Heroes Tour with openers Lauren Alaina, Trace Adkins, John Anderson and The Bellamy Brothers. It kicks off February 14 in Oklahoma City.  

Halloween is not Luke Combs favorite holiday. He says, “when you’re a 3X there’s not a lot of cool costumes that come in your size and I’m just mad I’ve eaten too many hamburgers.” Dierks Bentley says growing up Halloween meant illegal fireworks. He and a friend would blow off M-80s in people’s mailboxes.  

When Eric Church was inducted into the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame a few years ago he was running late so he sent his mom and sister ahead. When he got there, the theater was locked so Eric scaled a wall to get to a second story window then thru two backstage doors to surprise the crowd as his mom was delivering the closing remarks to his speech.  

Finally - Maren Morris reveals the struggles in her career have been due to her insecurities. She says “my biggest struggle is remaining myself & not letting people’s ideas about me change that.”