Friday, September 7, 2018

Keith Urban performs on the Ccma's & Little Big Town join the Stand Up To Cancer fundraiser tonight

Sunday night, Keith Urban will perform on the Canadian Country Music Awards live from Hamilton, Ontario. Keith says Canadians have always had a special place in his heart. Shania will host and she’ll also receive the Generation Award for her contributions to country music. The show will open with a Shania tribute featuring Jess Moskaluke, Kira Isabella and Madeline Merlo then Shania will walk out to be the host. Terri Clark will also be inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame on the show.

Yesterday Blake Shelton tweeted, “extremely sad to hear about the passing of Burt Reynolds. Possibly my favorite personality of all time.” Speaking of Blake, he’s a board director for the newly formed Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Foundation. Blake says, "when I was 10, my dad took me deer hunting and it changed my life forever.” They’ll work on projects like restoring game bird habitats.

Little Big Town join the Stand Up To Cancer fundraiser tonight on pretty much every network and cable channel.

Finally - when he’s on tour Brett Eldredge is very strict about what he eats. Breakfast is a smoothie, lunch is chicken and greens then it’s another protein powder smoothie after the show. Brett sometimes wears a FitBit on stage and says he’s burns 600 calories an hour singing.