Monday, September 17, 2018

carrie underwood talks vertigo and miscarriages & garth sells notre dame out in two hours

I found out why Carrie Underwood had to cancel shows in the U.K. recently. She had vertigo and wound up in a German hospital for three days. Because she’s a vegan, the only thing she learned to say in German was, ‘kein fleisch bitte’ which means, ‘no meat please.’” Carrie also revealed she had three miscarriages the last two years and when she thought she might be having a fourth, she got mad on a Saturday then Monday she found out she was pregnant. 

On Friday Garth sold over 84,000 tickets to his Notre Dame show in just about two hours. Ever since Simon Cowell asked Garth to work with America's Got Talent finalist Michael Ketterer, I found out Michael says Garth’s his all-time musical hero. He grew up in a conservative home and Garth was one of the first albums he was allowed to listen to. The show’s finale’ is Tuesday and Wednesday night so we’ll see if Garth and Michael ever wrote a song together for it.  

Finally - we now know a little more about the death of Alan Jackson’s 28-year-old son-in-law Ben who married Alan’s daughter Mattie last October. Ben was helping a woman onto a boat in Jupiter, Florida last week when he slipped and fell and hit his head. He died shortly after that of head injuries.