Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Blake Shelton is having a free concert & thomas rhett gets gift from kenny chesney

Blake Shelton is having a free concert Thursday at Billy Bob’s Texas in Fort Worth. You have to be 21 and you can line up for wristbands starting at 10 AM Thursday. The concert starts at 8:30 PM and it’s first come, first served.  

The end of tour gift Thomas Rhett got for opening for Kenny Chesney was a tub for ice baths. Kenny’s a big believer of the benefits of soaking in an ice bath after he works out. Thomas says, “you really do feel super-refreshed after you get out but it sucks for the four minutes you’re in it.”  

The finale for America’s Got Talent is tonight and tomorrow night. Garth did write a song for finalist Michael Ketterer but he won’t be there to sing it with him tomorrow because it’s Trisha’s birthday. Garth instead invited Michael to sing it at his Notre Dame concert next month.  

Trisha Yearwood says eating’s all about balance for her. She knows what she’s supposed to eat to be healthy but she also loves fried chicken with mashed potatoes and lots of white gravy. If she has that Trisha will pretty much just eat a grape the next day to even it all out.  

Finally – Willie Nelson is on The View today.