Monday, August 20, 2018

Miranda Lambert’s boyfriend is now divorced & carrie underwood hopes she can keep her babies gender a secret

Miranda Lambert’s boyfriend musician Evan Felker’s divorce is now final. Last week he and his wife Staci submitted an agreed decree of dissolution of marriage to the Oklahoma County court handling their divorce. A source tells PEOPLE magazine Staci feels free and relieved. Miranda and Evan have been dating since February.  

Carrie Underwood’s tour starts in May. She’ll be taking 3 year-old Isaiah and the new baby. She says it’s going to be different because she’s a planner and it may not go the way she wants it to all the time. As for the baby’s gender, Carrie says she’ll try and keep it secret once they find out but with all the interviews she does, she thinks she’s bound to screw up and say 'he' or 'she.’ There’s also been speculation Carrie will reveal the gender in November at the CMA Awards, like she did with Isaiah.  

As for Blake Shelton’s new house on Lake Texoma, it was built to feel like a vacation home so he planted palm trees Blake admits will probably die this winter.  

Finally - Tyler from Florida Georgia Line’s favorite meal is pizza and chocolate ice cream.