Friday, August 10, 2018

maren morris talks kids & Jake, Shania and Travis Tritt get ready to judge

Jake Owen, Shania and Travis Tritt are judges on the upcoming musical reality show, Real Country on the USA Network. They’re taping in Nashville soon and want fans to attend the morning or the evening taping August 28. You can find out more at  

Maren Morris was on a long flight yesterday when she decided to pass the time by having a Q & A session on Twitter. Newlywed Maren revealed she does want a child and has blocked that time out on her calendar next year. She also said her second album will include two collaborations and the first single will be out in a couple months.  

Garth Brooks is the youngest of six kids. There are five boys and one girl and he says growing up all five boys shared one room. He and his brother's bed would roll out every night then in the morning they'd roll it back up and stick it in the closet. His sister was the only one who had her own room.  

Finally - Midland is known for their vintage western clothes they buy at thrift stores. They say their love of old clothes is due to all of them growing up in the 70s and 80s.