Monday, August 6, 2018

Kenny Chesney beloved dog dies & Cole Swindell's single right now

When Kenny Chesney cleared out every animal shelter in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico after Hurricane Irma he got 1,400 dogs and cats to the US. His beloved island dog Cookie was also one of them but she was 18 and soon after arriving in the U.S, Cookie died in his assistant’s arms. The next time Kenny went to St. John he took her ashes and scattered them in the ocean.  

Touring with Luke Bryan this summer was something Sam Hunt couldn’t pass up. He said, “I’ve always been impressed with how he carries himself and like me he’s from Georgia so his personality and sense of humor is very familiar to me.”  

Cole Swindell's single right now and says that’s part of his life he keeps private. He doesn’t have a girlfriend right now but does want to settle down one day when his career is less of a focus.  

In 10 years Carrie Underwood hopes she’s still making music. She loves the road and putting shows together but Carrie says, “if I can live another day that's good by me.”  

Finally - tomorrow Chris Young performs on Good Morning America.