Tuesday, August 7, 2018

keith urban and thomas rhett join the voice & Carrie Underwood's comments angers fans

Keith Urban will be Blake Shelton’s team advisor on The Voice this year and Thomas Rhett will be Kelly Clarkson’s. She won last year and her goal this season is to steal a country singer away from Blake. Kelly says with Thomas on her side she just may be able to do that. The Voice premieres September 24 on NBC.  

A teacher in New Jersey saw Keith Urban at a Jersey convenience store last Friday and she thought he was a customer who didn’t have enough money to pay for his things so she offered to pay for them. When Keith told her who he was she didn’t believe him. I guess she’s been helping pay for other people’s groceries there for the last three years.  

Carrie Underwood‘s recent comments about fertility have angered some of her fans. Last week she said she may have missed her chance to have a big family because she’s 35. Fans chimed in on Facebook, saying her remarks that 35’s too old to have children were offensive.  

Finally - Little Big Town’s stolen trailer’s been found in Ashland City, TN Sunday. Police gave chase when they recognized the band’s trailer and other items reported stolen including a $70,000 boat. All three suspects are now in custody.