Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Jake Owen needs extra’s for his music video & Carly Pearce shares details about her romance with Michael Ray

If you’re in Nashville Friday night, Jake Owen needs people to be extra’s in his music video. He’s also looking for a line dance teacher, a quote, “eccentric male character you might find hanging outside at all hours of the day and night.’ Jake’s also needs a make-out couple, bachelorette party girls, bikers and a Jake stand in that’ll have to work 12 hours and get paid $500. You can send your info to

Carly Pearce is sharing more details about her romance with Michael Ray. They met a couple years ago and she always thought he was cute. He finally got the hint she was interested and he sent a text to ask her out. He now calls her his queen. That’s also what Garth calls Trisha.

Brett Eldredge is currently on the road and so is his dog Edgar. Brett says he can be a handful because he has so much energy but they’re a lot like each other in that way. He says Edgar makes life a lot of fun for him and the fans shower him with gifts every show.

Finally – tonight Kelsea Ballerini will sing on Late Night with Seth Myers. Tomorrow Keith Urban performs on the Today show.