Thursday, August 23, 2018

gretchen wilson arrested after her flight landed & thomas rhett caught smooching under the kissing rock

Gretchen Wilson was met by police Tuesday after her incoming flight landed at Bradley International in Connecticut. I hear there was only one bathroom on board and when another passenger beat her to it, they had words thru the door then shoving when the passenger came out. Gretchen continued to glare at them for the rest of the flight, even though flight attendant’s told her to stop. On the jet way she was belligerent to police then she threw her hands in the air and demanded to be arrested. They booked her for 2nd degree breach of peace and Gretchen’s bond was set at $1,000. In 2007, Gretchen was issued an in-flight citation on a plane ride to Los Angeles. Sources said alcohol was a factor and Gretchen swore at attendants when they asked her to put her dog back in its traveling case.  

Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren were in Italy at the island of Capri yesterday at a famous place called the blue grotto. Their boat driver told them they couldn’t swim there but added for the right tip he’d let them jump in so they did! They were also seen smooching under Capri’s kissing rock because legend has it couples who kiss under it will stay together forever.  

Finally - Blake Shelton says his style inspiration is Gilligan from the TV show Gilligan’s Island.