Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Garth’s show at Notre Dame Stadium will have 5 front rows & keith urban's daughter makes movies

Garth’s show at Notre Dame Stadium in October will have 5 front rows thanks to the new stage. It holds almost 81,000 and this is the first time in its 88-year history there will be a concert. Garth said Notre Dame was built for music and the school’s letting him play cause of his reputation for treating others with respect and kindness. They also wanted someone with a global presence that would bring excitement to the Notre Dame family. Tickets are $95 and only $50 for students. They go on sale September 14, with an eight ticket limit and it’ll take place rain or shine. Years ago Garth was offered a partial football scholarship at Notre Dame because his mom knew a scout there but he chose Oklahoma State because his brother went there. Instead of football Garth threw the javelin.  

Keith Urban's 10-year-old Sunday likes to make IMovie’s so they got her a green sheet she uses as a green screen. She even does her own editing. Keith said they also just got her an app where you can write scripts so she’s been doing that too. Her friends think they’re coming over for a play date but Keith says it’s really so they can be in Sunday’s movies.  

Finally - happy 37th birthday to Jake Owen today and Shania turns 53.