Tuesday, August 21, 2018

eric church flips his 4-wheeler & luke bryan has panic attacks

Eric Church has a remote summer cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains in NC and he often takes his 4-wheeler out on the trails. One day there was a fallen tree blocking his path so Eric tried to go over it. When his 4-wheeler started to tip, he stuck his foot out almost as if to help but it still flipped over. Because of that Eric’s wife now makes him tell her when he’s headed out.  

Thomas Rhett and his wife adopted their daughter, Willa Gray from Uganda, then Lauren gave birth to Ada. Thomas sees both equally as his daughters and says, “the word adopted doesn’t even make sense in my head anymore.”  

Miranda Lambert says her new songwriting focus now will be more toward storytelling and less about her own life. She got some great advice years ago when she met Dolly Parton who told her, “believe in what you believe in and don’t take no.’ Miranda said she’s pretty much always lived like that but it was nice to have Dolly reassure her.  

Finally - Luke Bryan says if he gets really nervous before a big show, he can still have a panic attack.